100 Written Pledges :

whv 🗻

Who are we?

We are a Facebook group of more than 300 French people 🇫🇷 united by the same passion: Japan.
With the Covid-19 health crisis many of us have had to postpone our working-holiday visa programme and we have been waiting for 8 months for information from the Japanese authorities.
Since October 2020, Japan has allowed us to apply for working-holidays but imposes an additional document: the written pledge.

Written Pledge: this document certifies that the company guarantees for WHV holder on his arrival in Japan during the 14-day fortnight period imposed by the Japanese government.

🆘 We are therefore appealing to the business community in Japan to help us get into the country.

Nicolas and Yoann (representatives of the group)

They support us

Councillors of the French abroad elected in Japan.

You are?

French « PVTiste »

I am a working-holiday applicant who could not leave because of health restrictions and I cannot get a written pledge.


👉 Company,
school or association

I represent a company based in Japan and I want to help a working-holiday applicant. This is a completely voluntary process